Right of Disposition

Right of Disposition and You

In Ohio, a resident may pre-plan their funeral servie before death and even put their wishes in their Last Will and Testament. The problem with this is that Ohio doesn’t have a mechanism for a decedant to control his/her funeral and disposition wishes by leaving written instructions in their will or otherwise. This means the family, specifically the Next-of-Kin, may come to the funeral home and change arrangements they see fit. However, while an Ohio resident cannot directly control their own funeral and disposition arrangements, they may appoint a representative who will have the top priority in deciding funeral and disposition arrangements by completing an Appointment of Representative form. Whether pre-arranging or just starting to get ready for the future, ask any of our expreienced funeral directors for assistance with these choices. For further information, please visit http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/ and search for the following Ohio Revised Code rules and laws: 2108.70, 2108.81 & 2108.86.