Planning Ahead


Why Should I Plan Ahead?

People in Geauga County and surrounding areas come to Burr Funeral Home and Cremation Service to plan their own funerals, burials, and cremations for many reasons.

Take Control of Your Final Arrangements

Preplanning is perfect if you don’t want to rely on someone else to get your farewell right. You want things to be done your way and putting your wishes into writing puts you in the driver’s seat.

Take Pressure Off Your Family

When the time comes, your family will be able to focus on their memories of you, instead of dealing with the dozens of decisions it takes to plan a funeral.

Save Your Family Money

While pre-paying is always an option when you preplan with us, if you do pre-pay, you lock in today’s funeral prices and protect your family from future expenses. Imagine how grateful they’ll be when they learn you’ve taken care of it all.

Meet with a Professional

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