Robert “Bob” C. Fraedrich

August 12, 1935 - January 15, 2023
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Burr Funeral Home
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Chardon, Ohio 44024
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Saturday 2/4, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Burr Funeral Home
116 South Street
Chardon, Ohio 44024
440-285-2182 | Map
Saturday 2/4, 4:00 pm
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ROBERT C. “BOB” FRAEDRICH  Age 87 of Chardon Twp., died unexpectedly January 15, 2023 at UH Geauga Medical Center. Born August 12, 1935, to Robert H. and Martha (nee: Kirste) Fraedrich in Cleveland, he has been an area resident since 1962. After graduating from Collinwood High School, Bob enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard.Continue Reading

Kenneth mabe left a message on January 20, 2023:
Grandpa Bob is a part of my heart and soul, He has been my ultimate role model for everything good and virtuous for almost 7 years My intention is and has been to be like he was in every way not only for myself but for my family, children and future generations. I was blessed to have close personal alone time with him and I'm sad my children now will only have the stories I tell of when they were younger I enjoyed being willing to stop what I'm doing to fully listen and understand his Genuine Loving Unconditional Open Wisdom I honestly can't say that I have ever met a better person on this now even darker planet.....
Shaina left a message on January 20, 2023:
My mom used to try to influence who my grandfather was to my childlike/ teen young adult self to her perspective, at the time i didnt know enough to see she was deflecting, using him as a scapegoat as she does to me later in life. She constantly told me grandpa was a narcissist, I didnt always believe it because from my point of view grandpa was the constant stable adult in my life, he was my father figure and grandpa, he did everything for everyone. I ran to him from her constant instability at 17. Robert was the family philosopher and psychologist, he not only analyzed his own actions and remained accountable throughout his entire existence, but he taught me to always remain humble and accountable. He would analyze other people and sit and listen to your dilemma, with patience and virtue. He would be patient with ALL the high energy emotions wept from the women so dearest to him, even when the problems they sobbed about were caused by themself. He had a gentle loving and respectful way of showing you the truth you needed to see or hear. He was the family guide, our collective source of knowledge in human form and he wasnt loved and appreciated enough in my eyes, I heard so much negativity about my grandparents fed to me by someone who should have encouraged our relationship, who shouldve protected my innocent mind. He would tell me "The women in this family have a problem, Shaina. They are always right, they cant accept when they are wrong and you cant be that way, you have to break the cycle. Id tell him I know I am not perfect, I know I am wrong a lot, grandpa but he would tell me its deeper than that, youll understand one day. He would tell me his theories on why this person does this or even why he did things this way or that, he was a great story teller and professor of all things knowledge. He taught so many stories with morality and guidance at the core that youd have to be stupid or a narcissist to not listen and have paid attention to his lifelong lessons on how to treat others and how to live like Christ. He collected guns, books knowledge, he tried desperately to share his knowledge with anyone who was willing to listen. He had a dream of returning to Minnesota one day on a family camping trip and I vow to take my children, my grandpa will be with us in spirit. I vow to make him proud, he is all the best parts of me. He forgave me after turning into one of the worst kinds of narcissists you could ever be, an addict. I lost my way for awhile but who was there for me when I woke up from that nightmare? My grandparents, they would never have allowed me to end up under a bridge. My grandpa who will always remain in my memory as an ever so loving and forgiving human, humble and kind, so christlike and we didnt see it until its too late. My grandfathers anger still runs through my veins thick and hed be pretty angry to know that the true vultures have swooped in, pay attention to whats important to people closest to him. Is it the photos and memories, or the guns and greed? When your heart is pure and genuine it shows, when your goal is to take things that dont even belong to you yet, as your mother is still alive and you disrespect her wishes, you are the true narcissist. When you treat death as an opportunity to strike, you're the true narcissist. Robert Carl Fraedrich was never a narcissist, he was a character, a shining light, beaming of UNCONDITIONAL love and happiness, he knew his role as father and grandfather. He never hesitated to stay in his lane and take on the role that God blessed him with. My grandpa would be pissed to know a manipulator has forcefully intervened in a relationship that he desperately protected, mine and my grandmas. My grandpa never listened to the gossip and whispers of those that claim perfection, he would tell you the reality of the situation and let you make your own decision. The reality is, my aunt and grandma are too afraid to speak up against my mother who has slinked in with greed on her heart and vengence in her mind. Wake up Family! Ruth is robbing you and grandma blind, she is using your greif as a way to mask what she is doing behind the scenes and using me as her scapegoat!! Grandma doesnt deserve the drama and stress, she doesnt deserve to be taken advantage of and manipulated while she is in the midst of greiving, protect her at all costs because the energy vampires will suck the rest of life out of her for pure greed and power hungry plays. Grandpa maybe stayed hush hush on the family problems but I wont, I have learned that being quiet doesnt change the cycles of abuse, it doesnt change people. The most maddening part is having done the inner work yourself and knowing youre now the black sheep because you speak out against toxic and vile ways. Staying hush has no chance at being forgiven, staying hush has no chance at fixing or repairing, speaking up against injustices give a chance for growth or improvment, staying hush does nothing but enable the abusers. I am done being quiet to spite the feelings of those who so coldly turned thier backs on me. Robert Fraedrich would be shaking his head right now in total and utter disapproval and disappointment at the RUTHless actions of those controlled by greed and selfishness. He would've never wanted to leave this Earth before grandma because he knew the woman who is always right will violate my grandmas virtue and mental health. One of the last things he taught me was that in dealing with a mentally ill person that doesn't accept thier condition or refuses to remain accountable, that there is no help or changing that person, they are what they are and it is what it is. I have to make my decision based on who they showed me they are through actions not words. My grandpa is proud of who I have become because he knows and has seen my true heart, hes given me wisdom that I will forever live by, he knew the healing me, the version of me my own mother never tried to know, he knew my intentions were pure and he knows now that unconditional love is the true meaning of life. Grandpa never held conditions for me to uphold in order to receive his love, he and grandma showed us grandkids the only unconditional love that existed in our broken family. He will forever be engrained in my mind by the image of his character and morals that HE SHOWED me, not by the whispers and perceptions of those keen on misunderstanding him, those entitled to him, the one who dont want the spotlight shown on thier own imperfections. This is my words, my memory and I have a right to express them esp when so much fake deceit is surrounding his memory. Stop robbing my grandma of her belongings, stay in your lane, respect the elderly, and dont feed on the weak and dying its the most depicable thing you can do! In the memory of an honest, unconditional loving, hard working, knowledgable and insightful, Christ like man the only thing we can do is to do right by him and make him proud. Dont do or say things that grandpa would shake his head at you for.
Larry and Doreen Woods left a message on January 19, 2023:
So sorry for your loss. Our condolences to you and your family.
Linda Little left a message on January 17, 2023:
My Dad I miss you so! You were the best dad ever! I hold you in my heart forever.❤️
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