About Cremation

Local Cremation allows the family to use The Funeral Ark, only at the Burr Funeral Home

The Funeral Ark

Cremation by Definition

According to dictionary.com, cremation is defined: to reduce (a dead body) to ashes by fire, especially as a funeral rite. In further definition, cremation uses heat and flame to reduce a deceased person’s body to its most common elemental components, resulting in mainly ash and particulate matter. While traditional burial is still the most popular type of funeral in America, cremation is becoming more and more popular. Since the body is reduced to a small amount of ash and particles, they may be either scattered, buried or retained in vessels called urns.

Cremation is simple. It’s clean. In the brick-lined retort, the cremation process takes between four and six hours, usually and is environmentally-friendly, requiring no embalming. The temperature is raised to between 1500 and 2000 degrees, usually via natural gas. It’s an option you many now choose.


Local Cremation gives each family timely service options when selecting cremation

Cremation Options

We have been serving families who prefer cremation since 1910, and are proud to offer a variety of options. You have the choice of honoring your loved one with a full visitation and service followed by cremation, a memorial service, a graveside cremation burial, or you can select a simple cremation with no service at all. We offer unique urns and keepsakes to remember your loved one. We are happy to help with any question regarding your options and assist in planning the final disposition.


Local Cremation at the Burr Funeral Home Funeral and the Funeral Ark

The Funeral Ark set up for the funeral of Don Rhodes, cousin of H. Marc Burr.

Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care- Local Cremation

Burr Funeral Home knows that some find traditional burial unappealing. If you agree but are interested in cremation, it may be worth your while to inspect the crematory and take a tour of our cremation facility. There, you can see how simple and clean a process it is and learn more about your cremation options. We proudly offer the Cremation with Confidence program while your loved one is in our care. The Burr Funeral Home is the only funeral home in Geauga County offering an on site crematory.


In the cremation process, Burr Funeral Home safely makes sure to keep track of your loved one. When a body is received, it is immediately given a metal ID tag and tracking number. All references to a loved one’s name and number match the metal tag. This tracking and data system includes arrival date, time and our technician’s name. Personal items are logged in at this stage for return to the family.