Condolences for Alfred J. Krantz

Laurie Cleaveland Hoenig posted on 10/6/11

What fun it was to live next door to a family with 2 boys our age!!! Memories of the mini bike track made in the 2 yards (the awful burn on my leg from one of those tandem rides!), sitting around while the guys worked on those bikes and larger ones, those lovely curls! (how I envied them!), and water fights with the whole family joining in are just the first ones that I know will start to come as I remember Al. I still have a novel from english in junior high with his name in it (and you can guess that it wasn't his!!! and has hearts, etc along with it!!)Such a sad time to know that he isn't walking on this earth anymore. My thoughts are with you all this week. Mom wishes that she could attend the funeral but she isn't able to get out with her recent health issues. She asked that I extend her best wishes to you all as well. We had just been talking about some of the good times we had and she remembered her last conversation with Peggy that was longer ago than she wished it had been.God be with you all.Laurie