Condolences for Debra K. (nee: Wolfe) Heslop

Terry Speelberg posted on 11/7/11

I try to understand why I cry for the passing of Debbie than I have for some close family members. I think a part of me wishes I had her strength, joy, and faith that touched so many. I've only known Debbie a short time. I was blessed to be have been a sister in Christ through St. Mary's renewal team. I will never forgot her. Her light will shine on in our hearts forever. And most assuredly in her beautiful daughters Kristen & Allison. Go with God!


Gail Seevers posted on 11/7/11

What a loss, She was so nice! Miss You! God Love you!


Joe Wood posted on 11/6/11

Deb- my memories at you at SJC were at times funny with your locker being next to mine. Kidded you now and then about your choices in perfume. Remember your being a reporter for The Times Leader at the time of our tenth reunion when we talked for the last time. In looking over the other comments I am glad to know you found peace in your life.


Julie Golias posted on 11/6/11

Deb, I am privileged and honored to have been your friend and to have known you as a friend of mine. Right now, all is sadness. But since you have left me with so many good memories and life lessons and your own joy of living, I know the day will come when thinking of you will make me happy again. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with me and my family. Thank you for the example of your faith in God, because of which I know you are peaceful and happy. I will miss you.


Debbie Knutsen Kent posted on 11/6/11

As I try to write this, so many memories come flooding in. Deb had such a soft, infectious way about her and her faith was inspiring. I remember hanging out with her sister Lori, one of my best friends, and she would always roll her eyes at me and say "Knutsen" and I just understood. S he always had to keep an eye on us because trouble seemed to follow us for some reason (or maybe we looked for it) Either way, Deb was there to straighten us out. I remember her and I driving to Pa to be in Lori's wedding and laughing almost all the way there. As we grew older and we lost Lori, Deb and I became very close, both living in Westerville. We spent a lot of mornings together drinking coffee when she was in nursing school and I was raising 3 young boys. When my mom was very very sick she was a rock to me. She would call and with her calm voice and warm heart, she always knew the right things to say. I still have the letter she wrote to me when my mom passed away, it was one of the most touching letters I have ever received. In recent years we lost touch but never in my heart. I love you Deb and I pray for comfort for your family but I know you will always be an angel to all those lives you have touched and I was blessed to have you in my life. Rest in peace my dear friend and please tell Lori how much I miss her too.


Cathi Mezzopera posted on 11/5/11

I received the blessing of meeting Debbie for the first time at the renewal at St. Mary's. She was filled with Grace and shared that with everyone she met. She was a gentle, faith filled Sister in Christ. She has left an amazing legacy, and will continue to loved by many. She will most definitely will hear the words…”Well done my faithful servant.” Rest in peace.


Barbara Foster Schlanz posted on 11/5/11

My heart breaks for the loss to this world but rejoices at her joy of being with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Debbie was a great friend in high school, a bridesmaid in my wedding, a confidant and a beautiful person. Time separated us but I was able to connect with her a couple months ago and it seemed as if it was yesterday when we had last talked. Her love for her family, her faith in Christ and just the peace and joy I felt in her voice was inspiring. I remember her goofy jokes, infectious laugh, her way of dancing at The Cobblestones, staying at her house on weekends almost more than at my own....she lived life to the fullest and I know she will be dancing among the angels. She will never be forgotten. I


Renee Bumgardner posted on 11/5/11

All of my memories of Debbie involve me with a smile on my face. There was a lot of giggling when she was around. I LOVED her sense of humor! She was caring and loving with a gentleness that made me feel peaceful when around her. She was a very special person and I am grateful that I was able to talk with her last week. During our conversatiion, I could feel her strength and her faith. She is with Our Lord.


Debra Wilk Mountain posted on 11/5/11

Though our adult lives no longer connected, some of my best memories are times shared with "Wolfer"...high school sleepovers, ballgames and dances, my wedding and hers, that incredible sense of humor and ability to make anyone laugh. She was one very unique and special Lady ! I am glad to have known her friendship. Her light shines in all those she touched.


Terri Rico Macri posted on 11/5/11

Debbie was good friend in grade school, high school and as young adults. Debbie had a soft caring nature. I spent alot of time at her home in our youth. I have find memeories of her Mom and stepdad. Her sister, Lori, was one of a group of us who played together, confided in each other as teenages and our early married lives. Lori passed in her 20's. A very sad time for us friends. I vividly see her big smile and bright blue eyes. (with the aide of her blue contacts) Debbie was a moral anchor for her and all of us. Today has been a sad day. For two sisters to die at young ages, may not have been their plan, but was God's. Plan each day as if it were your last because one day it will be. All of us who knew them can relate to being able to see Lori in heaven saying to Debbie "what took you so long?" To have Debbie as a Mother and wife is a blessing in itself from God. May your family find peace in love and memories.


Kathy Disien posted on 11/5/11

I worked with Debbie at Heather Hill for many years and then had the honor to be part of the Christ renews His parish team with her at st Mary's,She was a shining light to us all,Her warm smile and heart will always be remembered. Her love for her family and her God was immeasurable. You are safe in the arms of Jesus now my sister in Christ and I know heaven is rejoicing. May the peace of Christ be with her family at this time. Kathy Disien


Susan Lach posted on 11/4/11

I met Debbie for the first time at the 2008 Christ Renews His Parish at St. Mary in Chardon. I immediately felt a presence of the Holy Spirit within her. A light shined from her that told me she was filled with grace, tenderness, and deep faith. She was a big influence in drawing me closer to Our Father and I will be eternally grateful for that. I will miss her smile, friendship, and all the beauty she brought to this world...


Linda Sopchak posted on 11/4/11

I first met and heard Debbie on the first Christ Renews His Parish for women 3 years ago. I was amazed at her faith and the beauty of the person she shared with all of us that weekend. May God welcome her as the good and faithful servant she was and I feel blessed to have been touched by her life and by her faith. While you sit and worship our Lord at Jesus feet, Debbie....pray for all of us, dear sister in Christ...because "it's all good" .