Condolences for Jeremy Jer Bear Harlan

justin wilhelm posted on 12/31/12

Dear Uncle Rick And Anut debbieJer was the nicest person on the earth. He was the last person i remember ice fishin in 2010,2011 fishin season. jer nwill always be in my heart


Tiny Robin Redel posted on 4/30/12

Rick and Deb,I am so sorry I did not know of Jeremy's passing when it happened. My prayers go out to you and your family. Jeremy was such a wonderful son and I was thankful my boy got to know him in his life and there's. R.I.P. jerbear. Love , Tiny


Chad Redel posted on 4/30/12

I used to live on put-in-bay and my dad Robin Redel used to work for jeremys dad rick i remember jeremy used to take me and my brother all around the island on his snowmoblie it was was of my favorite times on put-in-bay well miss you jer bear.....


CHARLES LONG posted on 1/28/12



Marilyn & Connie posted on 1/12/12

Rick, Connie and I are heartsick to hear of the loss of Jeremy. We will miss him so much. I used to bring him chicken salad sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We loved him and send you our prayers in this difficult time.


Marilyn & Connie posted on 1/12/12

Rick, Connie and I are heartsick to hear of the loss of Jeremy. We will miss him so much. I used to bring him chicken salad sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We loved him and send you our prayers in this difficult time.


Marc "Burrly" Burr posted on 11/17/11

I knew Jer Bear for quite a few years. He was a great guy and wonderful friend. The last time I saw him was on my bachelor party. He was happy for me but as usual was too busy to talk. Im sorry I couldn't be there to lay you to rest old friend. God speed and watch over us all.


Rick Knapp posted on 11/15/11

Rick & Debbie, I wish I knew what to say. What a shock to hear of Jeremy's passing. He was loved by many from all parts of the country and will be missed. My best wishes go out to you and Deb. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace JER BEAR !!


genie scott posted on 11/14/11

I remember Jeremy fondly as a sweet young and vivacious little boy who had a curious and intelligent mind. He was a pleasure to be around and had the most beautiful thick curly blond hair and beautiful face and eyes. Though I only new him for a very short time and at a very young age, I saw the joy and pride he brought to his parents and the fun and joy he carried around with him. May He be with God and all our Holy Family in heaven , now watching over his loved ones on earth. My prayers are for this peaceful life for his soul and for his loved ones and friends on earth. Sincerely Genie Scott


Mary Ellen Scott posted on 11/14/11

Dear Debbie and Rick,I am so sorry to hear of Jeremy's passing. I know there are no words that I can offer to comfort you. But our family wants you to know that we will miss your your son too. I remember him when he was a just a toddler growing up on North Bass, always full of fun and laughter and as as he grew to manhood always willing to help anyone and everyone he met. My Mom loved him too. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.Love Mary Ellen(Genie Jenny Alice, Scottie and Kailum)


Colette and Karrie Adams posted on 11/12/11

Seeing you at the bay for many years, we will miss you!! Your smile and that curly hair!! Luv ya Jer Bear!! Our regarts to your family and extended family at the Bay!!! xoxo


Bonnie Straub posted on 11/11/11

RIH Jer Bear. We miss you already! Mr. Ed's & PIB will Never be the same without you! You left us way too soon. I was so looking forward to seeing you in Toledo this winter. We will never forget you. Till we meet again...


Jon Graves posted on 11/11/11

My condolences to the Harlan family and all affected. He was a great guy and always remembered me and took care of me when our Phlocking came to the island. I will definitly miss him as he was polite, professional and an all aroung great person who made you smile!Jon Graves


Dan, Patty and Krista Kaley posted on 11/10/11

Jeremy was one of the kindest people we have ever met on the Island! Not to mention a hard worker. Year after year he helped make the Phlocking of the Phaithful a success! It goes without saying that many people loved him and he will truly be missed.


Kim posted on 11/10/11

JerBear was such a magnificent, friendly, beautiful, engaging, hardworking, funny person who treated everyone as a friend. No matter where he was, he always made a point to say "Hello" and give you a hug. Hopefully his parents will find comfort in the knowledge they raised such an exemplary son. We are praying for his family and dear friends as they try to navigate through this sad time. The world is a lesser place because of the passing of such a wonderful young man.


Dora posted on 11/9/11

Jer Bear you had a smile that could brighten anyones day... I'll miss you but never forget you! RIP Jer.


Susan Duff posted on 11/9/11

DearDebbie, Rick and Heather:Walter, J.D.,and I are so sorry for your loss.Jeremy was a special"kid". He was a good student and participated in extra activities at school. He was, also, a member of the National Honor Society.It was fun watching him make those three point shots at the Panther Games.He will always be in our memories. Peace be with you.


Pam Wells Rasmussen posted on 11/9/11

You were always such a bright soul and made everyone around you happy. I have many fond memories of my 6 years at PIB and you were part of many of them. Your kind heart and giving friendship will be missed by so many that I grieve most for those that will be forced to live without you in their daily lives. Be at peace and say hello for us to all of those that have gone before you.


keith and buffi posted on 11/9/11

Its been a pleasure getting getting to know you this summer. Everytime we came in you always greeted us with a smile and a handshake, you never forgot our faces. We looked forward to coming to the island and seeing your smiling face, you always had our drink ready for us before we told you what we wanted. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family at this hard time.


Jane Kallenberg posted on 11/9/11

RIP Jer Bear... We will truly miss your fun-loving, easy-going, always smiling, awesome personality!!! Thanks for being you. We were all blessed to have known you!


Kim White posted on 11/9/11

I will never forget your special/funny dance you did behind the bar while waiting on patrons, it always cracked me up! You where a very special guy & we will all miss you terribly:) Thoughts & Prayers are with your family & friends.


Alison Pucci Shelton posted on 11/9/11

I can not put into words what a special guy Jer was...whenever I think of him that warm smile pops into my head... Nothing ever seemed to get him down and he was always so positive and carefree. He always saw the positive in things and just wanted everyone to have a good time and be happy!! I remember working at Ed's and every time I bar-tended with Jer no matter how exhausted we were he made it a blast!! You will be missed by so many....You brought happiness to all. My heart breaks for Ricky, Debbie and his crew of "brothers" may God bring you comfort through all of your wonderful memories of your wonderful son...xoxoxo


Mark Wilhelm and Family posted on 11/9/11

Jer Bear,what a wonder young man. Like everyone said you were the nicest person anyone could have know. Going to miss your smile and wave everyday.You may be gone but you will always be here on the island. You take care of everyone up there. You light up the Day!


Beth Gannett posted on 11/9/11

I have many fond memories of working with Jeremy at Ed's. He made my first winter on the island interesting. He always had a smile on his face and could brighten any day. My thoughts are with Debbie and Ricky. I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Jerbear


Ed Wilson posted on 11/9/11

JerBear was one the reasons I still found time to go to the island. Incredible magnetic personality. Ricky and Deb I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless.


Frank posted on 11/9/11

I did not know Jer Bear personally but I was involved as a patron of Mr. Eds.Jeremy always gave great service. He is the hardest working bartender I have EVER seen!I never had to wait in line and he always remembered what I ordered the previous time even with the hundreds of other customers.Mr. Eds and Put In Bay will never be the same without Jer Bear!


Danielle Pucci Smrdel posted on 11/9/11

We are so very sorry Ricky & Deb, you are truly in our thoughts and prayers! I have nothing but fond memories of Jer Bear, always a smile on his face and he is the kindest of people! Like they say..."Count your age by friends not years. Count your life by smiles not tears."Clearly he had and gave them both. Genuinely a great guy!All our love,


Christine Chester posted on 11/9/11

I watched Jeremy grow from barback to the best bartender ever over the last 10+ years! Although I only knew him in passing as a very long term customer, it was nothing more than apparent that he truly loved life and loved being on that island. He always made you feel like you were the only one in the bar and never left you waiting. It takes a very rare person to work endless hours, deal with crazy drunks and always have a great big smile on his face! Jeremy, you will truly be missed. I feel for your family, but I hope they know what a great person they raised. RIP


Jennifer posted on 11/9/11

Rest in Peace Jer Bear !!!!!! Never forget your great Jer Bear Shots. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family-- You raised a great person. Always remember the good/great times. PIB will miss you !!!!!


Stacy Aldridge posted on 11/8/11

You made the world a better place one JerBear shot at a time :) You will be greatly missed but never forgotten ~ Rest in Peace my friend!!


Laurie Sondergeld posted on 11/8/11

Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fad because a loved one's gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, far as long as there is memory they'll live on in the heart. Smitty and I and all who know Jerbear where blessed for knowing him, he is a star that will shine forever!!! Thanks for all the great times kido! Are thoughts and prayers go out to you Rick and Debbie, thank you for giving us Jerbear, we have know words to express how sorry we are for you both. Smitty and Laurie Erie Mi.


Lee Capucini posted on 11/8/11

RIP JerBear!! I will never forgot that smile on your face, and the ability to brighten a room just by walking in. Rick and Deb- May God give you strength and courage to make it through this difficult time. God Bless- Cap


Brandy posted on 11/8/11

Because of you and Ashley my first time at PIB was the BEST....PIB will never be the same RIH Jer-Bear


Paula Halbach posted on 11/8/11

I'm not sure how many summers it's been, since I first experienced Jer Bear's great service, fabulous attitude, and kindness at Mr. Ed's. I do know this summer there will be a large gap on the island. He always remembered who we are even though we only get to our Middle Bass house and PIB about 4-6 times a season from Mpls.My sympathy goes out to Jeremy's family on the islands.


dee and craig posted on 11/8/11

rest in peace our friend! you will be missed, your time here was to short.thoughts and prayers for rick and debbie!! so sorry!!. p.i.b. will short one awesome person. i raise my beer glass and toast to you jer bear!!!!


Mary Ann posted on 11/8/11

Good times, great guy...and such sad news!We loved our fun times with you Jeremy. Who's gonna "over-serve" me some "Jer-Bear Specials" now? God bless you and your family!


Greg and Jenna Jones posted on 11/8/11

Always remember you Little Bear!!!!


john and joe zura posted on 11/8/11

we spent many a summer on north bass island getting in and out of treouble with jeremy from breaking glass in the junkyard to taking a baths in the lake, later on as time went on my brother joe lived with my grandma and jeremy on put in bay workin at the chicken patio i would always come home on leave and go visit jeremy. god bless you cousin love always your cousins john and joe zura


Lara Miesle posted on 11/8/11

My deepest sympathy to Jermey's family and friends. I remember Jeremy from a long time ago when he was a young barback at Mr. Ed's. He came to be known and loved by so many locals and visitors to PIB. He will be forever missed and never forgotten.


christine tedora posted on 11/8/11

You will never be forgotten love ya buddy!


Julia Barton & David Skinner posted on 11/8/11

We met Jeremy at Nick's Roadhouse in Port Clinton some years ago at a Put-in-Palooza event. We got a seat at the bar finally when this very tall, very big guy stood right in front of us. David politely asked if he could move over a little then got into a conversation only to find out that he was Ricky Harlan's son. Who would've thought.... He was one of the nicest, most polite young man on the island. We will miss his smiling face.


Julia Barton & David Skinner posted on 11/8/11

We met Jeremy at Nick's Roadhouse in Port Clinton some years ago at a Put-in-Palooza event. We got a seat at the bar finally when this very tall, very big guy stood right in front of us. David politely asked if he could move over a little then got into a conversation only to find out that he was Ricky Harlan's son. Who would've thought.... He was one of the nicest, most polite young man on the island. We will miss his smiling face.


stephanie schnapp posted on 11/8/11

jerbear,you were always so much fun....either at mr eds at pib or at beeks bar and grille in monroe michigan you have always made me laugh and smile and have a good time... you had the most awesome personality ever and i am so glad that i was lucky enough to know you... rest in peace bear... pib will never be the same and you will be missed greatly......


patty palmer posted on 11/8/11

First time I met Jeremy was at Mr ED's at Put in Bay . My girlfriend's and I were there for Halloween weekend. He was Friendly and funny . We had a great time. He was a great bartender. You will be missed.


Dominika posted on 11/8/11

Dear JerBear,Heaven is between us but thats not very far...I hope you know how many lives you touched I doubt there is a single soul on Earth whom met you just once, and then probably felt like they had known you for years. Your memory lives in all of us. Im glad I got the chance to meet you You have special place in my heart I miss you Bear so much <3 My love and wishes for those Bear left behindMy prayers are with you all... especially for that bright new star in the sky tonight...


Stacie Wenzel posted on 11/8/11

I only met Jeremy a few times in passing, but I know that his parents loved him dearly and he touched many lives. My sympathies to his family, friends, and the PIB community. RIP Jeremy.


lil deb posted on 11/8/11

Jer Bear always made ya smile no matter how bad a day you were having.. always a sweetheart and always a very respectful kid... may you be at peace with the angels..You will be greatly missed by many .. and will hold a special place in many hearts and deepest sympathy to Rickie and Debbie..You raised a wonderful man.


jellisa tolson posted on 11/8/11

jer ber was always a great person to be around he made my summer this year its had to believe he is gone he always had a smile on his face i always seen him on his fourwheeler he will be deeply missed my thoughts and prayers are with deb and rick in this troubling time RIP JER BEAR U WILL BE MISSED GREATLY


Katie Schnapp posted on 11/8/11

JerBear will be greatly missed. He knew how shy I was and always knew just what to say to get me to smile and come out of my shell. I will miss his smile and the jokes and laughter we shared. He was truely a great friend. May he rest in peace and play practical jokes on us from the other side. My heart goes out to Ricky and Deb and all the PIB crew.


Bob and Debbie Cook posted on 11/8/11

I don't know how many times I can remember that Jer would come into our place of work and just say hi or give a hug to his mom. Jer you are missed by so many and we are fortunate to have met you and to have you been in our lives. RIP. We love you.


Kris K. Blomgren posted on 11/8/11

Jer Bear was a great guy to be around. I'm glad I got to know him. Granted not as well as others but he was a really good guy. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in these tough times. God bless you Jer Bear!


Barbie Adams posted on 11/8/11

RIP Jer Bear gone way too soon but never forgotten! God give Ricky and debbie strength too get through this sad time. I know this is a tremendous loss to so many.


Kayla Dehner posted on 11/8/11

Jer bear will always have a place in our hearts. He was such a wonderful person. You will be truly missed...<3


Scott Seaberg posted on 11/8/11

I will never forget all of the great times we had together. . . . I love you my brother. .rest in peace Jer Bear. . Best Basketball player I ever played with. . Hands down!!


Mel Jump posted on 11/8/11

I will always remember Jeremy with a smile on his face. He was such a kind and loving person full of spirit in everything he did. He will be missed greatly. May his spirit RIP and the love he had for those in his life embrace them now and always.


Shawna posted on 11/8/11

Jerbear was the person everyone wanted To be around. His positive attitude and smileWas contagious. Prayers to Rick, Debbie, and Heather."throwin rose petals at my feet" "cat tails" jerbear specials"And all the peoples lives he touched. You will be missed. R.I.P.


Lucinda Blanton posted on 11/8/11

With such a tremendous loss comes tremendous pain, may God give you the strength to see it all through. Your son was loved and that is the direct reflection of what Jerbear was, a loving and kind young man. My condolences to your family.


Cindy Dages posted on 11/8/11

I have known Jeremy most of his life. He will be greatly missed. Prayers for Debbie and Rick. RIP Jer-Bear.


Tom Lehmann posted on 11/8/11

So many great memories of hanging out and working with Jer. He was definitely one of the most accepting and best people ever. You will be missed by a great many people. Rick and Debbie...I hope that you can find comfort in knowing just how great of a young man that you raised and that he was a reflection of you.


JoAnn Novak posted on 11/8/11

Our deepest sympathy to Jer Bear's family. He was truly the nicest person we have ever met. He wil truly be missed. The Bay will never be the same. Jer Bear always had a smile for us whenever we saw him no matter how busy he was. He always took time out to stop and say hi. God bless you Jer Bear. We love you.....Jo & Mike


Lisa Main-Reedy posted on 11/7/11

Deb & Rick , My you find comfort and support with your family and friends who love you and your son so very much.


Suzanne Kostura posted on 11/7/11

Jeremy loved everyone...he loved life and it showed. His sense of humor was infamous and he was always smiling:) Our Island Community will miss this sweet soul! Rick & Debbie...we love you and are here for you! Joe & Suzanne Kostura Family


Dale Danheiser posted on 11/7/11

Rest in Peace Pal!


Chris "Critter" Gee posted on 11/7/11

My deepest sympathy to Ricky, Debbie and all of Jeremy's family. I spent many summers with Jeremy cooking chicken, shucking corn, talking trash and taking out the trash. Or at least trying to make Jeremy, Ty and Ed do all the work. He was a good kid, a good man and I am grateful to have know him.


Crystal Hill posted on 11/7/11

Jeremy you will be soo missed. The bar will never be the same without your. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Rick and Debbie. Words may not comfort much but hopefully knowing all the people Jer Bear touched will.


Rich Riley posted on 11/7/11

I have many fond memories of working at the Roundhouse. It was during this time that I got to know Jeremy - an impressionable young man who looked up to us, especially the guys on the Roundhouse Softball Team. I remember playing pick up basketball games with Jeremy and Ty Winchester, us older guys past our prime taking on these youngsters who ran circles around us. I remember Jeremy working at the Chicken Pit - shucking corn and always laughing and joking around with us. We used to talk sports - especially anything to do with Michael Jordan and of course, collecting baseball and basketball cards. What I remember most was that he was a kind and considerate young man. It was always a joy to see him and he always, always had a smile on his face. Just a fantastic human being. My thoughts and prayers are with his parents, family, friends and loved ones. Jer Bear touched a great many lives. We're all better people from the time we were able to spend around him.


Robin Burris Cadez posted on 11/7/11

I've known Jer since the day he was born, he was a wonderful silly kid who grew into such a loving and kind person with the biggest heart of gold. His smile always lit up the room and his sense of humor infectious. I thought of him as a little brother and as a part of my family. Love ya Jer, Rick and Deb.


Karen Diaz (Engel) posted on 11/7/11

I have many wonderful memories of Jeremy from attending high school with him. He was alwasy so funny, sweet and kind. Rest in peace, Jer.Karen


Brandi posted on 11/7/11

You are going to be missed by many Jer Bear. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. No more cat tails or JerBear specials. Put-in-Bay will never be the same without you. God Bless and your soul continue to cherish in Heaven.


Anne Spettel posted on 11/7/11

Jer Bear,When I think of you, a huge smile comes to me. I will miss you so much, but I can't help but to smile right along with you. Take care of MoJohn and all the other islanders in heaven. Thanks for all the memories! To Ricky and have my deepest sympathy. I know this is so difficult. May Jeremy's smile light your way, and may you be comforted by his peace.....xoxoxoxo


Kevin Rookstool posted on 11/7/11

At least i know who will be my bartender in heaven. I have no doubts my beer will be opened and waiting for me with a smile and a fist bump.


Christine Ontko posted on 11/7/11

I knew Jeremy best when he was growing up. He was always kind and wore a smile. A great kid, an amazing athlete, and a nice guy. The island and Put-in-Bay School are mourning his loss.


Mary Jo Clair posted on 11/7/11

My deepest condolence to JerBear's family and so many friends... He will be so missed on Put-in-Bay. I will miss his big smile EVERY time he was around and that great big warm bear hug greeting he always had for me. Bye Jerry...may you rest in peace. Our hearts are broken.


Lindsay posted on 11/7/11

I will miss going to Put in Bay and seeing your face behind the bar, it won't be the same. RIP Jeremy.