Condolences for Audrey Ann Calabrese

Bob Govern posted on 12/15/11

A friend irreplaceable. One of a handful I believed in. Such a personal loss. My sincere condolences to the extended family. Words are not enough to describe how terrible I feel right now.


Lori Lewarski posted on 12/14/11

Although I only had been a co-worker of Audrey's for a year and half, I found her to be so helpful and kind in answering any questions I may have had as a new employee to the floor she worked on. We worked opposite shifts and spoke as the shifts changed. I too, was devastated to hear she and her husband had passed away, in this tragic way. Especially jarring to have such a thing happen at this time of year. Prayers and condolences to her family and all who knew her. May you find comfort in each others company as the holiday moves in. Best wishes.....So very sorry for your loss.


Chivonne Meyers posted on 12/13/11

Love and condolences go out to the Calabrese family.Knowing that both are safely together is the only bright spot in this tragedy.


Debbie Laskowski posted on 12/13/11

So very sorry to hear about Audrey and Dale. They were a very close couple and close to their children. I never had the chanc e to meet the granchildren, but would of loved to. Please give my condolences to all of the family. I know they will be missed very much.


Nadine Gibbons posted on 12/13/11

Very Sorry to Hear of Your Loss. Keep their wonderful Loving Memories Alive..


Lori Meyers posted on 12/13/11

Words cannot express how sorry I am for your family's loss. Your parentswere kind, fun and energetic people, but most of all they loved their family.My love and support and lots of hugs go out to the Calabrese family duringsuch a tragedy.Lori Meyers(Jeni's sister)


Annie Stibich posted on 12/13/11

I worked with Audrey at Hillcrest. She was a amazin person and a great nurse. I remember always finding her in the utility room charting because you could find a little peace and quiet. She cared so much for her patients and fellow co-workers. I will miss her everyday. My deepest sympathy to her family. Rest in peace Audrey. Miss you


Dorothy and Jim Drugatz and Family posted on 12/12/11

Dear children (Eric, Jessica and Rebecca) of Audrey and Dale,The memories of your Mom and Dad go back to when you children werevery young. Dale and Audrey were the most caring and loving couple we have ever known. We always loved the carving on that tree by their home on Johnson Road-- so unique. Our social time was usually at the church functions. Life is so precious and you have so many wonderful memories of growing up in the Orwell area. Dale and Audrey did a wonderful job with raising 3 wonderful children and that is what must go on... May God bless and keep all of you safe with your lovely families. Love Jim and Dorothy and family


Donna Swanda posted on 12/12/11

My heart goes out to the Calabrese family in the tragic loss of Audrey and Dale.I've worked with Audrey for many years at Hillcrest,she was so caring,compassionate and sincere .She will be so missed by everyone.My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


John Uranowski posted on 12/12/11

Although we have lost contact over the years, I have thought about Audrey. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Dale. As with everyone else, I was shocked to hear the terrible news. Rest in peace Audrey & Dale. John Uranowski


Karen Kuskiewicz Kotsko posted on 12/12/11

Audrey and I were close friends in high school. We traveled to Spain together and I was with her when she met Dale in Washington DC on our senior class trip. We lost contact over the years, but she was a wonderful person. Rest in peace, Audrey and Dale. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family.


Peggy Dobbins Shane posted on 12/12/11

So sorry to hear of your loss. I use to babysit for Jessica and Rebecca ( I lived next to you on Montgomery Rd east of your house). Your mom and dad were always so nice... Your mom always made extra cookies on the days I babysat to take home and also always had craft items ready to was always something I looked forward to...with deepest sympathy on your loss...Peggy L. ShanePerrysburg, Ohio


Marie Lucas Stolarick posted on 12/10/11

Her beautiful, sincere smile stands out in my mind when I think of Audrey from high school days. A genuinely nice person, and I can see that she and her husband created a world of love around them. My heartfelt condolences to their family.


Patricia A Patterson Bobrowski posted on 12/10/11

Audrey and I were friends since first grade. I remeber her as sweet, tiny and petite. Always quite and on the shy side. But she was always fun and we had many fun days playing, when we were small sadly we lost touch as we got older but the memeories remain. Rest in peace my friend. Good memories last forever, until we meet again. Love Patty


Diane Winters Bicjan posted on 12/10/11

Audrey was a beautiful person who had a kind and helpful word for everyone she met. Audrey and I finished our last 2 years of high school together in Nanticoke, PA where, during our senior year, she was our ACON Queen (Athletic Club Of Nanticoke) and was crowned during our homecoming football game. She was one of the sweetest persons I've ever met and I am so sad to hear the news of this accident that took both her and Dale from us. My prayers go out to both of their families on this terrible loss and I extend my continued wishes for their peace.


Rhonda McElroy posted on 12/10/11

I have had the pleasure of meeting the Calabrese family years ago... Dale and Audrey were always so very kind . The loss of these two wonderful people in itself is beyond words... to have them lost to the family and loved ones at once is most painful . I feel for all and hope that you know that they were much loved... I am sure they are looking down on everyone of you grateful they created a family of love. Will be thinking of you all in the days to come... bless you ...


Family of Lynn Meyers posted on 12/9/11

Dale and Audry were so blessed in their love and being the love of each others life! Our God of compassion took them together so neither would ever know the pain of life without the other.My heart turns to their grieving children, family and friends. Their loss is so devistating. If I could take the pain away or bare some of it for you on my shoulders, I would. I can't, but I can humbly and sincerely pray for your comfort and ask God to surround each of you in His tender love at such a time as this.


Donna Lee Hischak posted on 12/9/11

To all of Audrey's children: Your mother was one of the sweetest people I had ever known. She has been and will always be in my heart. My prayers to all of you as you mourn the loss of both your parents. God Bless.To Eric, When you were born your mom asked me to be your Godmother and I could not have been more proud and happy to have been asked. If you would like to send me your home address, I have pictures of your Baptismal Day that I would be happy to share with you. You can reach me at [email protected] again, God Bless


Julie Russo posted on 12/9/11

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey at Hillcrest for twenty some years.She was a wonderful nurse and awesome person! Not once did I ever hear her complain or say a bad word about anyone.She's a true angel! I will miss her every day.My heart goes out to their family.


Reda Mary Griffiths posted on 12/9/11

Dear Calabrese and Laskowski Families, I had known Audrey as a teenager through my sister who was married to Audrey's brother Edward. I had not seen Audrey in years but heard about her life through Elaine. I did not know Dale but know they loved each other and their family. Audrey was a lovely and kind person who touched my life and she touched my heart. Please know that my prayers are with your families. There are no words, I know, to express the sorrow you are feeling.


Peggy Barcik posted on 12/9/11

I have worked with Audrey for the last 15 years. I will sure miss her a great deal. She was the kindest person on this earth. She was a wondeful nurse and well respected by all. I will always remember Audrey for the rest of my life. I did not have the pleasure of meeting knowing hwe family, but they all must be wonderful people also. May God Bless you all and know in your hearts the love I had for Audrey will never fade.


Kristine posted on 12/9/11

My husband and I sat in front of Audrey & her grandson Zachary at an Indians game last year. My husband is a k9 officer & he was talking to him about his dog. He gave Zachary a baseball card with his dog's picture on it. He was super excited! Audrey told me later that week how much that meant to him, and also to her. :)I know her family will miss her & her husband very much. Prayers and much love during this time and beyond.


Jennifer D'Amico posted on 12/9/11

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey at Hillcrest. She was a wonderful nurse and never once have I heard her complain, not even on the worst day. She was a role model for the younger generations, truly and inspiration in the nursing community. Our profession lost a loving, caring and genuine person. God Bless you, Audrey.