Condolences for Gregory Holowaty

Eleece Parker posted on 3/11/12

I too, grew up with Greg but, unlike my brother Eddie, I did not have any "interesting escapades". I only remember the great, innocent fun of country life.I remember the camping in the woods....and visiting Greg & Eddie's winter campsite.....burrrr! They always had unique campsites. My favorite site was beneath the great Maple tree in the woods behind our house.I remember when the guys wouldn't let me play with them because I was a girl!I remember watching Greg whittle on a branch in our little "biking town" in the Pernell woods next to our house.I remember all the fun at "the lake" during our family, croquet, water skiing, fishing and EATING.I remember Greg asking for a 60 year birthday party......we laughed......we called it a family reunion..........I am so glad I celebrated his 60 year -belated- birthday with him......we had a GREAT time.......Greg will be missed by so many who loved him!


Ed Pilarczyk posted on 3/7/12

As cousins born in the same year, Greg and I grew up together. After moving to Florida, we saw less and less of each other. I will always cherish the memories of the times we had together. We had some interesting escapades...several of which I am glad our parents never found out about. I know that Greg and I will be reunited in Heaven one day. What a reunion that will be!I am praying for the family he left behind, and the struggles they are dealing with. May God bless them.