Condolences for Nanette van Kan


Leslie Gwenllyan Hanna Leal posted on 11/12/17

My heart felt sympathy to the family of Mrs. Van Kan. I was a friend of Glenn. Mrs. Van Kan was so very warm and gracious, as was the entire family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Leslie Gwenllyan Hanna Leal


Toya Gross posted on 11/10/17

It is apparent Ms. Nanette van Kan has lived the words of Psalm 90:10. There it states, "The span of our life is 70 years, or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow; They quickly pass by, and away we fly. Even the Bible reveals living 70 or 80 is short when compared with what our Creator, Jehovah God wanted for man from the very beginning. Before Adam and Eve rebelled in the Garden of Eden. They both willingly disobeyed God's law; which lead to a life filled with trouble and sorrow. This was NOT our Heavenly father original purpose for mankind. At John 3:16, our Grand Creator made a provision - the Ransom - that paves away for the dead to be released from death. His son, Jesus Christ promise at John 5:28 & 29, there's going to be a resurrection of life. He gave us an example to meditate on when he resurrected his friend Lazarus right back to earth. (John 11:39-44) May this hope provide comfort and strength for the family and friends; as we wait for the fulfillment of Psalm 37:29, "The righteous will posses the earth, and they will live forever on it." For more comforting scriptures for coping with the lost of a love one please visit


Joyce & Shawn Warkholdt posted on 11/9/17

Laura and Brian, Janice, Corey, Eric, Tess, Cody and Christina. I am so sorry to hear of mom’s passing. She was a lot of fun to be around. Always so full of life! She will be missed by each and every one of you. Remember the good times spent with each other. She was one special lady❤️❤️


Rebekah posted on 11/8/17

Dear van Kan Family, I am so sorry for your loss; please accept my sincere condolences. Something that I have personally found to be of great comfort is the thoughts expressed at John 5:28, 29 as well as Revelation 21:4. In these verses, we find a wonderful hope for the future of being reunited with our loved ones upon the earth the way it was originally intended--free from sickness, suffering, and death. Knowing this has comforted me greatly and it is my sincere hope that these thoughts comfort your family as well. Again I am so sorry for your loss.,