Pre-Need Planning

The why and how of pre-need planning

Three Reasons to Plan Ahead with Burr Funeral Home

Preplanning at Burr Funeral Home

1) Early arrangements make things easier for everyone when a loved one dies. We share our vast knowledge of funeral service to help you make informed decisions regarding your loved ones arrangements.

2) When dealing with the critically ill, early arrangements allow you to empower those involved with detailed aspects of the funeral, from insurance to wills. We  help to carry out all their decisions.

3) When a prearranged service is fully funded, funeral home service charges and merchandise may be guaranteed by a preneed funeral insurance policy.


Pre-need planning at the Burr Funeral Home Pre-need planning helps with all facets of the arrangements including: music, casket, urn, outer burial container, church, news paper, jewelry and multi-media selections. You can trust that we will make every effort to follow through on each and every detail. We will be there to support you or your family when the grief is too much to bear and the advanced arrangements help to guide everyone down their path.


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