About Us

burrhorse_0For six generations, Burr Funeral Home has been family owned and operated. Located in Chardon, Ohio, Burr Funeral Home is the oldest continuously operated business in Geauga County, and offers every family served, its long-held reputation for professionalism, sensitivity, and commitment to making each funeral a special tribute to the person who has died.

burrpeople_0The Burr family entered into the funeral business in 1859 when John Burr, hitched a buggy to his horse and offered to “undertake” the preparations of a neighbor’s funeral and burial. In 1908, after helping his father for many years, Henry Burr graduated from the Barnes School of Embalming in New York and became one of the first area embalmers to graduate from a mortuary school.

Henry’s son, Hal Sterling Burr, became the third generation to take part in the family funeral home. And then Hal’s son, H. Marc Burr followed in his father’s footsteps and carried on the family business.

Today the fifth generation of the Burr family, Marc and his wife Nan continue the long-held family tradition of serving others. Their son, Marc F. Burr, the sixth generation, oversees daily operations of the funeral home and continues to operate with compassion and expertise to the families served. Marc F. Burr and his wife Ashley welcomed their son Warner Patrick Burr on Jan. 27, 2014.